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Terms & Conditions

By registering with us, making an appointment and using our services, you agree to all of our Terms and Conditions and policies. We have the right to change these at any given time. 

We are a small, individual and independent family run salon. Our Terms and Conditions are in place to protect the running of the business. We kindly ask you to be respectful towards our staff.


We do our best to inform you of any changes by updating this page, emails, social media, posters in the salon and communication, however it is fully your responsibility to keep up to date with our Terms and Conditions.

This page was updated Thursday 13th June 2024.

Click one of the following subjects below to view our policies.

Cancelling / Rescheduling Appointments


  • We require 48-hours notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment as this allows us to refill your space.

  • We understand everyone can run into problems sometimes, us included and just as your time is important, ours is too. Working on a tight schedule means we need to make the most of our time. Please inform us of any problems or issues you may be experiencing, we are a very understanding team and we'll try our best to help where we can. 

  • Failure to comply to our Cancellation Policy will result in being charged a Cancellation Fee.

  • Should you cancel between 0-24hours of your appointment, 100% of the service you have scheduled in for will be charged. 

  • Should you cancel between 24-48hours of your appointment, 50% of the service you have scheduled in for will be charged.

  • Should you not attend your appointment without informing us of cancelling or rescheduling, 100% of the service you have scheduled in for will be charged and this may result in us permanently terminating our services for the foreseeable future. 

  • Your Cancellation / No Show Fee must be paid in full before rebooking your next appointment and all future appointments will be automatically cancelled. Your Cancellation Fee will be sent to you via email with a payment link. ​

  • If late cancellations or no shows becomes repetitive, we may ask for a Deposit of 100% to confirm your appointment or we may permanently terminate our services for the foreseeable future. 

  • We advise to pre-book 2-3 weeks ahead to avoid disappointment. For Saturday appointments we advise to book several appointments as this tends to be our most busiest day, therefore availability is very limited.

  • We have a a Cancellation List we can put you on and should any cancellations come in we will call you to book you in on the day you require, however this is no guarantee. We advise to still schedule your dogs groom to prevent from going over your dogs grooming schedule. 

  • Our schedule is forever changing, sometimes we may call and ask to move your appointment slightly so we can ensure we can offer our services within a good time frame that fits in with our diary.



  • We require a non-refundable deposit of £15 per dog to confirm your appointment. 

  • Paying your deposit pays for part of your groom. We will calculate and take the remaining payment that is owed to us once the groom is finished, unless you'd like to book your next appointment then the deposit will roll over to confirm your next appointment space.

  • Deposits must be paid within 24-hours of making your booking to confirm your space or your appointment will automatically be cancelled.

  • Deposits are paid using our secure online system, Stripe via Topline Dogs. This will be sent by email. Please make sure your details are correct and up to date. 

  • When making an appointment, please use your email address you registered with us to prevent the system from creating a duplicate profile.

  • Making an appointment must be made over the phone or using our online booking system. We also take bookings over Facebook Messenger or Instagram Direct Messaging but please be aware the appointments we say are available are on a first come first serve basis. If you do not respond to us promptly, the space offered to you may be taken by the time you respond.​ Keep in mind your appointment is only confirmed once the deposit has been paid. 

Appointments & Online Booking


  • When using our Online Booking System, please use your email address you registered with us to prevent the system from creating a duplicate and separate profile.

  • Our Online Booking System allows you to choose a groomer. If you do have a preference please inform us so we can make note of this on the system as sometimes where our schedule changes we may need to juggle our diary around between groomers. 

  • Making an appointment must be made over the phone or using our Online Booking System.

  • We also take bookings over Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct Messaging or WhatsApp but please be aware the appointments we say are available are on a first come first serve basis. If you do not respond to us promptly, the space offered to you may be taken by the time you respond.​ We cannot not hold any appointments. 

  • Your appointment is only confirmed once you have paid the deposit. You will then receive an automatic confirmation email.

  • If you need to change the grooming service you've scheduled in for, please make us aware 24-hours before your appointment as this will allow us to adjust the diary. (For example you've booked in for a Full Groom but now only require a Bath and Blow Dry only.) Informing us at your appointment time will result in being charged for the appointment you have scheduled for. 


  • On arrival dogs must be brought in on a short leash. Even if your dog listens to their commands well and loves other dogs, we may have a dog inside that doesn’t, so please be mindful of this. If you forget your leash, please ask to borrow one from us to get your dog from the car.


  • Please do not arrive earlier than 10-minutes before your scheduled appointment. If we are ahead of schedule we will attempt to contact you to see if you would like to come in earlier. We are a small salon and have limited space.



  • Please toilet your dog before bringing them into the salon. A relieved dog will be more comfortable for their grooming session. ​

  • If they do their business outside of our salon, we sell poop bags at the counter. Please pick up after yourselves as our salon is in a public area.

  • Please keep your dogs from urinating on walls and furniture inside the salon and outside around the communal areas. If they do urinate inside or outside the salon, please make us aware so we can wash this away.

Your Dogs Well-Being 

  • It is the owner’s responsibility to advise us of any medical, physical, emotional issues, aggressive behaviours, allergies, sensitivities or pre-existing health conditions and treatments that their dog is currently receiving or has received prior to every grooming session.


  • We will require you to complete an online registration form about your dog’s health and well-being before your first visit and it is your responsibility to always keep us updated of any new health concerns or conditions.


  • If your dog is not feeling well (e.g. vomiting, diarrhoea, kennel cough,) please do not bring them to the salon for their own comfort and the safety of our other canine customers.

  • If you dog has injured themselves or has an open wound, please inform us so we can inform you of the next steps. It may be that we need to reschedule the appointment and advise a Vet visit. We may need a Vet Report to check that it's safe to go ahead with the grooming appointment.


  • We are unable to accept dogs who are in season. Your dogs behaviour can change whilst in season. They also relieve a chemical that other dogs can sense which can also change their behaviour. 

  • We are unable to accept pregnant dogs and female dogs that are still feeding their young. We can accept your dog once the pups have been weened off from Mum.

  • If your dog is generally a hyperactive or nervous dog, taking them for a long walk before their groom will help keep them calm, making it a more enjoyable time for your pooch and groomer. 



  • A gentle reminder to please regularly check and treat your dogs for fleas and to make sure that they are up to date with their treatments before coming into the salon. 

  • It is your responsibility to ensure that your dog is free from any parasites before entering the salon.


  • If you think your pet has fleas, please DO NOT bring them on the premises. You must treat them at home.

  • Our 48-hour Cancellation Policy still applies.


  • On arrival if we find your dog has an infestation of live fleas, we will have to send your dog home and the full grooming session will be charged to cover the cost of your appointment. 

  • During grooming, if we do find your dog is carrying one or two fleas we will continue the groom and use flea shampoo to help stun and remove them. However if we do find an infestation of live fleas, we have the right to terminate the grooming session at any time and you will be asked to collect your dog immediately.

  • This is to protect the welfare of all dogs in our salon. Full Service will be charged + Flea Charge. If your dog's groom is unfinished, we will invite you back once your dog is parasite free to finish the groom. This time and work will be charged for accordingly.

  • Flea charge is £20.00 which covers costs of products and time used to flea bomb the entire salon and maintain salon hygiene.

  • Flea shampoo is £5.00. Please note, flea shampoo is NOT treatment, it is used to shock the fleas. You can for this anytime you bring your dog in.

  • There will always be an extra charge for fleas whether you were aware or unaware of your dog having them. We can identify by the size and amount of fleas on your pet as to whether they’ve had them for a long time. 


  • We do not apply any treatment for you.

  • We recommend to seek advice from your Vets for a treatment plan suitable to your dog.

  • Any topical flea treatment must be applied 48-hrs before or after your dogs groom for it to work effectively. 

  • We recommend you to regularly flea your dogs on a 4-week schedule.

  • You can purchase flea room foggers, shampoo and spray in-store. Please ask our team for advise.

  • This policy also applies to customers using our Self-Service Baths.

  • Our staff will always put all dogs welfare first, please be respectful whilst they follow our work procedure. Any kind of abuse towards the staff will not be tolerated and will result in all future appointments being terminated.

Vaccinations, Fleas and Worming Treatments


  • All pets must be up to date with their vaccinations, worm and flea treatments prior to grooming. This is to protect all of our customer’s pets well-being. 

Collecting Your Dog 

  • Pet owners are not permitted to wait in the salon unless your pet is extremely anxious or has any behavioural issues and we need your assistance to help calm your dog however we will not be liable for any accidents or injuries caused during this time. We have the right to terminate the groom at any time.


  • Please do not come early to pick up your dog as this will disrupt the groom as through the excitement of your dog seeing you may make it more difficult to finish the groom to a high standard. 

  • We will call you when your dog is ready. 

  • Be ready for our call. Should you have any other appointments or things to do fitted around your dogs grooming time, please be ready to collect your dog at any time during our appointment.  

  • Be ready to collect your dog straight away. As much as we would love to give the fuss and attention to your adorable pets, we are very limited on space. Our schedule is booked by appointments so please be on time to help us be on time for others.

  • Failure to collect your dog within 15-minutes of us making contact, will incur a £5 charge for every 15minutes it takes for you to arrive. (within reason) Please be ready for our call.

  • If you need extra time to arrive, inform us on arrival so we can call you "X" amount of minutes before we are due to finish the groom. 


  • Please refrain from coming into the salon or being in view of the salon as the excitement for your dog to see you can affect the time on the groom.


  • When collecting your dog, payment will be taken before we handover. If you would like any changes made to the cut, please just ask and we'll be happy to alter anything.

Aggressive Dogs


  • Health and safety is our priority for both our groomer and pets during the grooming process.


  • You must inform us if your dog has any behavioural issues or has bitten before so we can work with your dog in the safest way possible for everyone.


  • We have the right to work in a safe environment and therefore reserve the right to refuse any groom or stop treatments at any time.


  • If your dog starts to show any signs of aggression or attempt to bite, we will continue the groom using an appropriate muzzle and we will monitor your dogs stress levels. If we feel they are becoming too stressed or aggressive, we may have to stop the groom and we'll advise what to do going forward. 


  • If a member of staff at the salon feels they are unable to carry out or continue a groom or service due to safety regarding an aggressive dog, they will stop immediately and any payment is still to be completed for our time.


  • You will be required to collect your dog as soon as we call. If your dog is aggressive we can only advise you to seek a behavioural specialist for the safety of everyone. Under the Dangerous Dogs Act (2014) you may be prosecuted if your dog is out of control in a public or private place, including a dog grooming salon.

  • A gentle reminder to please respect our staff by following our policy. We are here to help and advise as best as we can for the comfort and welfare of your dog.

Grooming Time


  • We make every effort to give you an estimated time for grooming, but due to unforeseen situations, these timings can sometimes be disrupted.


  • We will try to give you as much notice as possible should there be any changes or delays to your grooming time.

  • Our groomers are all trained in Dog Grooming, have different styles and techniques and work at different paces that work with your dog. Sometimes your dogs groom may be quicker or slower than before, especially when using a different groomer. You may request to have the same groomer, make sure you to inform us so we can keep a record of this. Keep in mind this may limit availability to you.


  • We want to make grooming as relaxing as possible for your pet. We will especially not rush a nervous or elderly dog through grooming, they may well need a break between stages of grooming. However, at the same time, we don’t want to keep them here longer than necessary if they are stressed or barking and causing other dogs to become stressed.


  • The price we give is an estimated “from price” for based on the breed, size, coat condition, products, temperament and requirements.


  • We may ask you to visit for a "Meet and Treat" to assess your dogs coat type and condition and we will discuss the pricing. 


  • Dogs which require additional time due to the condition of their coat or require extra attention with a second groomers help will incur an additional charge. We reserve the right to alter the price given in these circumstances.

  • You may request to add on our Luxury Spa Products for a very special groom for your dog and will be charged accordingly.



  • Grooming is a basic requirement for your pet and is a major part of ownership. Pet’s need physical maintenance and regular grooming is vital to health and comfort.


  • We do not offer a full grooming service without a bath. A professional bath, brush and blow dry is included with every grooming appointment, this produces a good base and finish for your dog’s haircut.​​


  • We strive to cut your pets hair as close to what you’d like, however sometimes it’s easier to notice things at home than during the excitement of reuniting with your pet. If for any reason you’d like us to tweak your pet’s haircut, call us within 48-hours so we can welcome you back as soon as possible and we will correct any issues at no charge, this does not include a bath. 


  • If for any reason there are any concerns after your dogs groom, please get in touch with us to seek advise.

Full Grooms

  • Full grooms include a bath with a shampoo suited to your dogs coat and skin type, blow dry and brush or de-shed, hygiene clip, coat clip or scissor trim, pad clip and paw tidy, face tidy, clean ears and nail clipping. Please note, not all dog breeds will require all of this and will be given a Full Groom according to their breed standard.​​​

Maintenance Grooms

  • We offer a “Maintenance Groom” service available to dog breeds that require a "mini groom" in-between their full grooms to help with the upkeep of their coat.  This is offered to fluffy / curly / wooly / long / double coated dogs.


  • Included in a maintenance groom is a bath with a shampoo suited to your dogs coat and skin type and blow dry and brush only and we charge by size - small, medium, large and extra large. 

  • You have the option to add any extras to the groom such as nail clipping, ear cleaning for example and these are charged at the service standard price.

  • If there is any matting that may need removing by clipping, a standard matting fee will be charged.

Puppy Grooms

  • Your puppy will receive a bath with a gentle puppy shampoo, brush and blow dry, nail clipping and *hygiene clip, pad clip, paw tidy and visor trim. (*if applicable) They will also get a cute complimentary bow tie on their first session.

  • Puppy grooms are offered to pups from 12 weeks of age after they've had their second vaccination, up until they turn between 5-6 months old depending on when their coat is ready for their first Full Grooming session.

  • We recommend for your pup to be on a 4-week grooming schedule as this will desensitise them to the grooming environment and allow them to become familiar and​ confident with us as their groomers. It will also help keep on top of coat maintenance. 

  • We offer Puppy Introductory Packages which include four puppy grooms for the price of three.. They must have their first puppy groom at 12 weeks old and the rest of their puppy grooms at every four weeks at 16 weeks, 20 and 24 weeks old. This will help prepare them for their adult grooms and they will earn a "my first haircut" puppy certificate.​

  • If your dog is over 6-months old and has never been groomed before, please get in touch for us to discuss what the best steps will be.

Hand Stripping

  • Hand Stripping is offered to dogs with hair that is strippable. If your dogs coat has been clipped before, your dogs coat won't be strippable. 

  • Hand Stripping is done by plucking/pulling the hairs out in the direction of the growth. We used hand stripping knives or stones for this procedure.

  • Hand Stripping can take anywhere between 2 - 4+ hours so dogs must be able to tolerate hand stripping itself and standing for long periods of time.

  • If your dog has a skin condition or if at the date of the hand stripping appointment your dog has signs of skin irritation, then we should not attempt to strip your dog until the problem is resolved.

  • A dirty coat (not matted), is easier for us to strip so we can grip the hair to pull it out so therefore we do not bath before this process. We ask for you to not bath your dog in the week before the hand strip. 

  • Removing hair from the follicles leaves pores open. For this reason we don't usually bath dogs after the stripping process as it can make the dogs skin susceptible to infection, however you may request for us to bath them and the price will reflect in this. We will use cool water to help close the pores and we'll shampoo your dog in antibacterial shampoo. 

  • Royals Dog Grooming will not be held liable for any infections that are caused before, during or after the hand stripping process.

Matting Policy


  • It is the owner’s responsibility to maintain their dogs coat in-between professional grooms by brushing with the appropriate tools.


  • To prevent any matting we highly recommend to brush your dog every day, especially the key areas to focus on are the ears, legs, tail and areas where the collar or harness sits. We can advise you what brushes to use and show you some brushing techniques. Please don’t hesitate to ask, we’ll be happy to help.


  • We will attempt to remove some knots and tangles but when a dog presents in a severely matted condition, trying to remove the matting can be lengthy and cause great discomfort and pain to your dog and when left, it can cause serious health complications.

  • In this situation we will have no alternative but to shave the whole coat, this is the kindest solution for your dogs welfare. We go by HUMANITY BEFORE VANITY. From then we can advise you on how to keep on top of your dogs coat with home maintenance.

  • If your dog hasn't been booked in for a Full Groom and requires to be shaved, depending on our schedule for the day and the time we have, we may need to reschedule to another appropriate space. 

  • When matting is present, it needs to be removed. We will offer you two options for us to remove the matts:

  • 1 - Spot Clip the matted areas only and we will attempt to blend in the patches as much as possible, however this isn't always possible. When there are several matted areas we would not recommend this solution as not only will the groom won't be up to our highest standard but it'll also look a little silly.

  • 2 - Clip the whole coat short and smooth for an even coat. The great thing is that hair surprisingly grows back quickly and clipping the whole coat will allow the hair to grow back evenly and for the skin to breathe after being matted for so long. 


  • We charge for matted coats because it takes a lot of time and care in attempting to free your dog from these matts. Matting also blunts our equipment so therefore we have to pay for our equipment to be sharpened or have new blades which can get very expensive for us. 


  • Charges will be discussed with you when we observe your dogs coat condition.


Matting Fees


Ears/Armpits £5.00       |        Legs £10.00        |       Full Body £20.00      

  • We will not be held liable for any injuries caused when clipping a matted dog or any for any skin complaints hiding underneath your dogs coat. 

  • We will never clip your dog without permission and before doing so, the risks and process of clipping a matted dog will be discussed with you and you will be asked to sign a waiver form. You may ask for a copy to take home or you can download a PDF copy as below.

Double Coats

We will always advise against clipping double coated dogs, whether that's to "keep them cool" for the summer or for a particular hair styled cut. 

It is known that there can be a variety of skin and hair coat care problems that may occur after a complete shave down of a dog with double coats. Clipping your dogs coat does not help with the heat or shedding. Your dog's natural guard coat and undercoat have a purpose in helping to regulate their body temperature and protect them from severe weather conditions.

Those problems that may occur are the the following, but are not limited to:


  • Loss of hair growth

  • “Coat Funk” - the coat not growing back in the same texture and or colour prior to shaving. 

  • Alopecia - bald patches

  • Hyper pigmentation of the skin - darkening of the skin where the coat has not grown back

  • Sunburn

  • Bug bites

  • Loss of Guard Coat - top layer of coat

  • Cowlick’s - Coat re-growth in different direction

  • Clipper Burn

  • Difficulty for your dog to cool down

  • Your dog can actually shed more than they already do having their double coat



The best way to keep your dog comfortable during warm weather is to:


  • Bath and brush them regularly

  • Keep a fresh bowl of water

  • Make sure there is plenty of shade

  • Walk them in the early hours of the morning and late in the evening. Avoid taking them out in the midday sun.

  • A doggy paddling pool

  • Cooling mats

  • Do not leave your dog in cars.

We never clip double coated dogs unless it is for health reasons! Humanity before vanity.

Anal Glands


  • We do not empty anal glands as this is a veterinary procedure.

Ear Plucking


  • We do not offer this procedure, please visit your veterinary practice.

Royals Self-Serve Dog Baths


  • The baths are enclosed in a safe and secure area with a wall divider between the two baths. 

  • There will be a trained member of staff to show you how it works.

  • You will be provided with our professional equipment; ties points, leash, noose, brushes, towels, dryers, aprons and ear defenders.


  • Only two people at each bath to bath one dog. 

  • You must be 16+ to bath your dog.

  • Children to be accompanied by a parent/carer.


  • Please book by appointment. The last appointment we take is 1-hour before we close. 


  • Please DO NOT enter the salon if your dogs have fleas or are in season or are pregnant!


  • Please note; when using our dog baths you are fully responsible for the care of your dog and the safety of yourself and your dog. If you do not use our equipment correctly as shown and with care, we have the right to stop you immediately from using our services and ask you to leave the premises.​​

  • Please note we may ask you to wait outside a few minutes whilst our groomers finish using the baths or for clean up.

  • On arrival you will be asked to read and sign our Self-Serve Dog Baths Contract. If you would like to see these beforehand you can download a PDF form below. 

Teeth Cleaning


  • For this service we use the Emmi-Pet Ultra Sonic Toothbrush. 

  • This method of dental cleaning is highly effective in removing mild tartar, improving gums, breath odour and overall oral health, however Royals Dog Grooming cannot guarantee the results, effectiveness or suitability for individual pets due to varying external factors. 


  • If dogs become distressed or we discover anything likely to cause discomfort to your pet, or needs veterinary attention we will discontinue immediately and inform you. The best approach to solve this will then be discussed with you. 


  • Each pet will have its own tooth brush head that will not be used on another dog. This is purchased at the initial treatment and will be replaced after 25 treatments or sooner if required. 


  • Some pets may chew the brush head, if this is excessive it may need replacing sooner to maintain effectiveness.


  • Brush heads will require replacing after 3-months regardless of number of times they have been used. This is because after this time the ability of the attachment bristles to effectively transmit ultrasound waves diminishes and therefore optimum dental cleaning and oral hygiene is no longer guaranteed. 


  • If we feel any teeth are loose or at risk of becoming loose when the tartar comes off, we may request you get your pets’ teeth checked at your veterinarian before treatment. 

  • It is possible that the tartar build-up will be too great and then a veterinary dental procedure may be necessary initially and then follow up ultrasonic maintenance visits with us.


  • Royals Dog Grooming cannot be held responsible for any problems occurring from poor dentition before, during or after any ultrasonic treatments.

  • Royals Dog Grooming treatment is not a veterinary procedure and Royals Dog Grooming cannot diagnose any problems with your dogs mouth. Please have any advisories checked by your veterinarian.

  • If your dog becomes vicious, bites or just simply doesn't allow us to go into their mouths, we have the right to terminate the procedure and we advise to go to the vets for further teeth cleaning. Toothbrush head will be charged if used and any time taken spent with your dog.

Special Offers/Discounts


  • Any discounts or special offers provided by us are subject to the advertised terms and conditions specific to that offer at that time. 


  • Only one discount can be used at one time.

Loyalty Card Scheme


  • We give loyalty cards for customers that visit for our grooming services. 


  • Collect five stamps and on your sixth groom you will receive 10% OFF.​

  • Please note, loyalty points can only be collected for when you bring in your dog for a full groom, hand stripping, maintenance grooms or a puppy groom. It excludes single extra services such as nail clipping, paw tidy and the mini tidy package, teeth cleaning and the self service dog wash.

  • You can only use your fully stamped card on our grooming services.

  • We cannot owe you any stamps if you forget your card so please don't forget it. 



  • Deposits are to be made online using our system Topline Dogs via Stripe. You will be sent an email with the link or we can take the deposits payment in the salon or verbally over the phone using our POS system, SumUp.


  • We accept cash or card payments including American Express at the salon after we have completed our services. We will advise you of how much the services will cost before you leave. Please note these differ by your dog size, breed and coat condition.

  • We prefer cash as we retain 100% of the value whereas card payments we get charged for. 


  • We DO NOT accept bank transfers, Paypal payments or any other form of payment other than cash and card for grooms or any other purchases within the salon. 

  • Payments are required to be finialised on collecting your dog. 

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