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A black and white photo of an english bulldog smiling whilst having a bath.

Self-Serve Baths

We have two Self Service Dog Baths for you to come and wash your dogs yourself, making it a more affordable and an easier way of bathing your dog with our professional equipment.


This would be perfect for:

  • Dogs who may not like being bathed by others. 

  • Dogs who have enjoyed a muddy walk.

  • Dogs who have rolled in something smelly.

  • Those that may not have a bath or easy access for their dog to have a bath at home.

  • To have special bonding time with your dog.

  • To help speed up the shedding process.


Please get in touch to make your booking or book online!

Equipment Provided

Our baths are at the front entrance of our salon with a dividing wall in between the two baths. There will be a trained member of staff to show you how it works, give you all the equipment you need, including tie points to keep your dog secure, and to be on hand if any help is required. 

The equipment and products we supply are:

  • One bottle of Shampoo - by Peanut and Pickle, all shampoos are plant based and pH balanced, suitable to all dogs including puppies and elderly and those with sensitivities. Ask our groomers what scents we have available. (You are welcome to bring your own.)

  • Tie points / nooses to secure your dog

  • Combs and brushes

  • Towels

  • Hand-held blow dryers

  • Aprons

  • Ear defenders

A yellow silhouette of a chihuahua

Small Dog


A yellow silhouette of a spaniel
Medium Dog 
A yellow silhouette of a labrador

Large Dog 


A yellow silhouette of a great dane

XL Dog


Instructions to Book Online

  • To book online, click the button above.

  • Enter your email you registered with us or if you're new, enter to your personal and regularly used email. (Please note, this is the email you will use every time you book online with us)

  • The drop down box under "Employee", select Self-Service.

  • Select your dog you want to book in for Self-Service and complete the necessary details or if you're new, enter new pet details.

  • The drop down box under "Service" type in "Self" and select your dogs size. 

  • Then click "Next Step" and choose your date and confirm. 

  • Keep a look out for our acceptance email. Sometime we may need to alter the timing which you will then have to accept by email unless we call you. 

Using our Baths

  • You are fully responsible for the care of your dog and the safety or yourself, and your dog. 


  • If you do not use our equipment correctly as shown and with care, we have the right to stop you immediately from using our services and ask you to leave the premises.


  • Bare in mind that there will be other dogs in the salon having their groom. Dogs MUST be kept on it’s leash at ALL times. when out of the bath. Please keep your leashes short especially if they are retractable.


  • Only 2 persons at one bath with one dog.


  • Must be 16 and over to use the baths, children to be accompanied by an adult if underage.


  • Bathing and drying your dog is at Your Own Risk! 


  • Please do not bath a badly matted dog. We are professionally trained for this so please book an appointment with us to free your dog from their matts. Bathing a matted dog can make their matts a lot worse because the matts tighten to their skin, leaving them in pain and causing health and skin conditions.


  • You cannot use our grooming scissors or clippers to cut your dogs fur. If you want your dog to be fully groomed, you need to book an appointment with our professionally trained staff.

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