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About Us

Royals is a dog grooming salon located on The Farmstead, Linmere, the new area of Houghton Regis, Bedfordshire, UK. The Farmstead will be the heart of the development of Linmere as it continues to evolve. 

We are accessible to Junction 11A of the M1 motorway as well as the A5 road. We are one of the three buildings next to the new Lidl supermarket, neighbouring Windy's Cafe. There are two free car parking areas and we are wheelchair friendly. 

Our salon is open six days a week providing dog grooms, puppy grooms, nail clipping and other services, helping to ensure the best welfare for your fur babies. 

In the salon you will also find our Self-Serve Dog Baths where you can bath your dog yourself using our professional equipment and products. We also sell natural dog treats, dog accessories, grooming products, toys and much more.

We are qualified, Level 3 Dog Grooming and Canine First Aid Trained and fully insured. 

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Why Choose Royals?

Reliable, Caring and Trustyworthy

For almost 5 years, we have been serving the pets and families of our community. We love caring and connecting with your dogs and creating everlasting relationships. At Royals Dog Grooming we don't just groom your pets, we treat them like royalty and as if they were our very own. Your dogs welfare is our priority. 


Grooming can be a stressful time for your best friend and we aim to make it as stress free as possible. Our job as a pet groomer is making sure your dog has a positive experience by feeling calm, comfortable and happy in our environment. 


Before we start the groom we like to greet your pet with some good fuss to help them feel relaxed, then gently ease them into the start of their groom . During grooming we will constantly monitor your pets stress levels, and if needed, take short breaks to help reassure and calm them. When a dog becomes too stressed, we will stop the groom and make an alternative plan to help re-introduce the grooming experience in stages until they are confident with their grooming routine.

Quality Products and Service

Our salon comes with high quality, clean and approved equipment. We use professional, plant based vegan shampoos which will leave your dogs feeling and smelling amazing. We have a range of shampoos to suit your dogs coat and all are suitable for sensitive skin and puppies however please make sure to inform us if your dog has any allergies or skin conditions.

We take pride in our high standards of hygiene and cleanliness ensuring the best welfare for your dog. Our dog grooming salon is a relaxed and calming atmosphere, everything needed to provide your best friend with an enjoyable grooming experience and even a private room for our nervous dogs. 

Our staff are professionally trained, highly skilled, caring and compassionate animal lovers with plenty of patience and life long experience in dogs. We bring excellent customer service and our team members are happy to help with any advice.

Knowledge and Advice

On your arrival of every grooming session we will have a little meet and greet to discuss with you what type of groom would most suit your dogs breed and coat. You must inform us of any changes to your dogs health, behavioural issues, likes and dislikes and any preferences or concerns you may have regarding your dogs welfare, as this will help us to prevent any unnecessary stress to your pet during the session and ensure they have the most calm and positive experience as possible.

When meeting with your dog we will also take on board what type of haircut you would like and we will give our professional advice and discuss the options that we are able to achieve whilst keeping in mind with what is manageable for you and your dog at home. 

We will offer you advice on what tools and products to use and after care information to help maintain your dogs coat in between grooms. Having regular grooming prevents coat and skin conditions. The more often your pooch visits us not only will it prevent health conditions, it will help set an example of what to expect in grooming and reassure them that grooming is a fun time, leaving them excited and happy whilst having had a positive experience at Royals with waggy tails all around.

At Royals we don't use Crates, we have Pens in our back room to keep your dog in a safe and secure space whilst they are waiting to be picked up by you, the paw-rents.


We love to spend as much time as possible with them however when it does get busy, there may be times we have to keep them in the pen whilst we are waiting for you. We ask you to be ready for our call to collect your pup as soon as possible.  Don't worry, we still give your dog the attention they deserve and regularly check in on them. 

We never mix dogs from different families together for the safety of your dog and our groomers. 

(Please remember, we are not a day care and have very limited space in our small salon. Please pick-up your pooch within 15-minutes.)


Meet our fabulous team - the heart and pure joy of Royals that dedicate their hard work, professionalism, skills and care for your pooch. We treat your furry companion like they're our very own and there are paw-sitive vibes only.

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